Nowadays, huge number of people travelling one country to another because of several official or personal reasons. Because of the technological advancement world has come in a reach of people, one can easily talk to other who stays thousands of miles away from that person or can easily migrate anywhere in the world. People go abroad because of certain purposes like for study, business/ official trip or can be a political reason/ medical purpose, migration, job purpose and many more.

To travel anywhere in the world, people requiring attestation on all of their educational and non educational certificates. The documents required for certificate attestation in Delhi are:

  • Educational Documents:
  1. certificate of Matriculation
  2. certificate of intermediate
  3. Degree: BA/ MA, B.Com/ M.Com, B.Sc/ M.Sc, BBS/ BBA/ MBA, B.Tech./ M.Tech., Nursing Course degree or diploma, BDS/ MBBS/ BHMS/ BAMS/ MS, BE etc.
  • Personal Documents:
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Marriage certificate (if married)
  3. Single status certificate
  4. Medical fitness certificate
  5. Death certificate
  6. Power of attorney etc.
  • Professional Documents:

1. Experience Letter

2. Joining letter

3. Salary certificate etc.

Attesting certificates is an essential course specifically for those who want to visit overseas countries for job purpose, for educational purpose, for holidays and others. For all this, you have to pursue the rules and regulations strictly of Ministry of External Affairs of the country. Attesting document is a hectic task, to avoid this people take the assistance of experts. So, to resolve all attestation work you can hire a company/ agency for entire your document attestation work.

There are many agencies have pioneered in entire visa processing work and they are capable of handling Certificate Attestation in Delhi. They offer all attestation and visa related work at one place according to the individual requirement for attesting certificates.

There are many agencies who offer document attestation/ certification services for various countries like, China, Kuwait, Malaysia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and so on) from several government departments like: Human Resource Management Department, Notary of state, General Admin Deptt., Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many more for all types of visa necessities (whether it’s for study visa, employment, for job training or any other.)


All the educational documents are initially attested at the state level, it is verified by the state then HRD (human resource department) and GAD (General Admin Department).

Non-educational certificates like marriage certificates, passport copy, medical fitness certificate etc. are attested by the Embassy or from the consulate. State HRD and GAD will not attest non educational certificates.


The renowned agencies completed in a given period of time, without delaying things. All the work performed by the team of professionals perfectly so that no obstacle comes in between your travel plan.

The document attestation is also completed on urgent bases at nominal charges. The whole work of attestation is accomplished by the highly proficient and experienced staff with their own network created by the agency from last several years. You’ll obtain speedy and trustworthy services for attesting documents. Usually the attestation work will take 10-12 days from all departments.